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Engineered Timber Flooring

General maintenance; how to care for your engineered pre-finised floor.

Proper maintenance is necessary and a vital requirement to maximise the performance and enjoyment of your flooring investment.

A well maintained floor will provide many years of service life and will add to the overall warmth and charm that only a natural flooring product can provide.

If you follow these industry acknowledged guidelines the task of maintaining your flooring will become a regular function in the overall upkeep of the property.

Sweep floor regularly with an electrostatic broom, soft bristled broom or wood floor mop.

Dust and or clean with a soft bristled vacuum head. Ensure vacuum head is non-abrasive with no metal contact points.

Remove spills promptly with an absorbent cloth or similar.

Natural hardwood flooring is photosensitive and will change colour as the floor ages and is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon and as such these changes are not covered by the product warranty.

For new installations avoid placing rugs or mats on the floor surface for at least 2 months. This should enable a more even UV exposure to natural and internal lighting. Avoid animal rugs unless you determine the backing is PH neutral or place carpet / rug lining under to avoid bleaching the floor surface.

Place mats at exterior and interior doors to trap sand and grit from incoming traffic and for drying feet if pool activity is nearby.

Use a rug or matt in high traffic areas to reduce wear & scuffing.

Where possible periodically relocate rugs or large items to allow natural aging of the floor surface area. For new floors please refer rug and mat details noted above.

Stick soft pads to the base of all furnishings in contact with the floor.

When moving heavy furniture or appliances always pick it up rather than sliding it across the floor.

Keep pets’ claws properly trimmed to avoid excess scratches and gouges.

If necessary, clean with a well rung out mop with warm water and a PH neutral floor cleaner. Do not use supermarket floor or general cleaning solutions as they are likely to be concentrated and if used incorrectly will damage the surface coating.

Your engineered floor is pre-finished with a water based PU coating suitable for residential use. If coating repairs or future re-coating is required please contact a coating professional. Small repairs are possible to the surface coating however it is vital that a test sample with a compatible brand of water based PU coating is done prior to attempting the final in-situ repair. If a left over floor sample is not available attempt a small test area in a cupboard or less visible location within the room.

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